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October 23, 2015
China - Update on recent industry development (week ended Oct 23, 2015)
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    Dachan Group invests RMB120 million to build antibiotic-free ruminant feed mill in Ningxia   Zhangjiakou's largest broiler processing chain in production
Shanxi Daxiang's poultry slaughtering line in operation         Henan welcomes first large-scale ecological poultry breeding farm





Dachan Group invests RMB120 million to build antibiotic-free ruminant feed mill in Ningxia    

Taiwan-based Dachan Group has announced recently that the company will be investing RMB120 million to build aantibiotic-free ruminant feed mill in Yinchuan Economic and Technology Development Zone, Ningxia, capable of producing 120,000 tonnes of feed annually.The feed mill is expected to put into operation in 2016.
Meanwhile, the company willbe collaborating with theSchothorst Feed ResearchInstitute located in the Netherlands, to specially research and develop a "customised" antibiotic-free feed product for cattle and sheep in Ningxia based on the current feeding practices and feed materials used. The company also plans to implement the first domestic non-packaged feed distribution in the province.
The company's antibiotic-free feed is the top seller in Taiwan and has been exported to many Asian countries. According to the person in charge of Ningxia DachengYongkang Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd, Sun Dehong, Ningxia's advantageous regional location and agricultural resources are what attracted Taiwan Dachan to build its feed mill there.
Dr. Wilfriedfrom the Netherlands mentioned that although the dairy cows in Ningxia have high milk yield, their milk fat percentage can be further improved.There are also plans for the company to introduce Netherlands' advanced feeding practices and methods to the local farmers in Ningxia.



Zhangjiakou's largest broiler processing chain in production  

Incorporated in 2011, Hebei Qianxin Animal Husbandry's main businesses include animal feed production, parent stock breeding, chicks hatching, broilers breeding, meat products processing, cold chain logistics, and organic fertiliser production.
The company has invested a total of RMB1 billion to build a broiler processing chain in Zhangjiakou, Hebei. Being the largest broiler breeding and processing hub in the city, it is capable of hatching, breeding, slaughtering and processing 50 million broilers, and producing 270,000 tonnes of feed and 150,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser annually.
It is now in its first phase of operation. During this first phase, the hub is expected to generate an annual sales revenue of RMB750 million, with a net profit of RMB110 million.  The annual sales revenue will increase to RMB2.49 billion when it is in full operation, creating 3,000 jobs for the city, and benefiting more than 4,000 farmer households. 



Henan welcomes first large-scale ecological poultry breeding farm   

Henan Yufeng Poultry Co., Ltd hasrecently brought in 48,000 "green feet"poultry grandparent stocks to breed in their farm inShanzhou district.
The company is working closely with the Hunan Academy of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute to join research and co-breed the batch of "green feet" poultry grandparent stocks, which involves innovative agricultural technology know-how."Green feet" poultry breed was chosen because they possess excellentbreeding attributes, and that the quality of their meat is better than similar domestic poultry.
The company will be investing RMB88 million into this ecological farming project, and the construction period is scheduled for six months.It is forecasted to generate an annual sales revenue of RMB80 million yuan, with RMB26 million as profits when in full operation.       



Shanxi Daxiang's poultry slaughtering line in operation 

Shanxi Daxiang Farming Group's wholly-owned subsidiary,Hengtai Farming Technology Co., Ltd,recently celebrated the opening of its new poultry slaughter production linein Qinshui, Shanxi. The new line is capable of slaughtering 60 million poultry annually.
Hengtai Farming Technology willbe investing a total of RMB405 million in Qinshui, to construct a broiler hub thatwill include poultry breeding, chickshatching, feed production, poultry slaughtering and processing. 
Besides the new slaughter production line, the company also has plans to build a feed processing plant with an annual feed capacity of 200,000 tonnes, three breeder farms with a capacity of 100,000 parent stocks, a hatchery capable of producing 40 million chicks, and ten standardised broiler demonstration farms with an annual capacity of 1.5 million poultry.                   


* 1 hectare (10,000 sq. meters) =15 Mu
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