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In Missouri, US, hurricanes are not often a threat, but for Novus International, Inc. the proximity to devastation from nautral disasters
does not matter.

Part of the Novus team was impacted from the recent hurricane, prompting the entire company to help. Novus raised over US$20,000 to aid those affected by the storms in Texas.

Some of the company's workforce includes manufacturing and business offices in the Lone Star state. When Hurricane Harvey hit the
Houston area, Novus employees faced damages to their homes and roadways. Thankfully, all employees weathered the storm and
returned to work safely in a few days, but a few had suffered significant damages. Many Novus employees in other offices in the US felt
moved to support their southern colleagues so an idea was hatched to initiate a company fundraising effort.
Barbara Stampfli-Savill, Novus vice president and chief people officer, sent a call for volunteers across the organisation to help the area
affected by the hurricane. More than 20 individuals volunteered for the effort including employees from Little Rock and Houston. Help
poured from professionals in the company's various departments like finance, legal, marketing and research. Ideas for raffles, spirit activities and even a sommelier seminar to raise money for the cause were quickly put into action.

For one employee, the effort was particularly impactful. "It's hard to conceive the depths of the effect when you see things from afar, but you have a completely different perspective when it hits you at home, literally," said Megan Butler, a Novus volunteer. "My parents live in the area and they lost everything. Even though I wasn't there, it meant so much to me for my employer, friends and colleagues to lend their support and help in the ways they were able."

Houston employees, wanting to help their friends and neighbours, immediately went out and volunteered at the local foodbank.

"Those affected will need help for many months to come but we took the opportunity to become unified in the support that Novus was
giving to the region," said Danielle Cooper, a Novus volunteer working in Houston.

Novus is a longstanding partner with nonprofit organisation, United Way. United Way chapters of Greater Houston, Brazoria County,
Calhoun County, and Beaumont and North Jefferson County all received a portion of the funds raised.

"All of this is only possible because of the boots on the ground United Way provides," said Candace Rosen, active Novus volunteer. "With their help, we were able to get our donation where it can be put to good use."

More than US$10,000 were direct donations from employees, and François Fraudeau, president and CEO of Novus, authorised the company to match these donations dollar for dollar.

"It is important to come together in times of need like this and help one another," Fraudeau said. "I am so proud of our employees for
their generosity and hard work."
Novus Official Website: www.novusint.com 
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