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FEED Business Worldwide - August 2012
Prinzen introduces Smartpack
Prinzen, a Dutch manufacturer of egg handling and packing equipment, has introduced its SMARTPACK farm packer. Designed for small to medium-sized companies, the machine handles up to 30,000 eggs per hour, with the eggs packed points down in 30-cell trays.
Made of strong and durable materials, the clear layout of the SMARTPACK ensures full egg control and an ergonomic workplace. User friendliness is increased with the touch screen operating panel. Special attention is given to the egg packer's hygienic design. Vital parts are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.
Potential add-ons include the PS4 tray stacker, egg coding and egg inspection equipment. Tray conveyor belting and curves offer a compact machine configuration that fits in the egg collection room. Even further automation is possible with automatic pallet loading.
With the introduction of the SMARTPACK, Prinzen completes their product range of farm packers designed for table egg packing.
Pfizer Animal Health has introduced two new brands, ALVERIN™ PLUS and FLUNIXAMINE®, which offers options for ivermectin/clorsulon and flunixin meglumine respectively.
ALVERIN PLUS treats and controls cattle parasites including adult liver flukes, gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, cattle grubs, sucking lice and mange mites. ALVERIN PLUS is available in 500 millilitre and 1,000 millilitre plastic bottles
for ease of handling.
FLUNIXAMINE is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for use in cattle and horses. For cattle, FLUNIXAMINE aids in the control of fever associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD), endotoxemia and acute bovine mastitis. It can also be used to treat inflammation in endotoxemia. The product is available in 100 millilitre and 250 millilitre glass bottles.
Witte's motorised hoisting system for fluid bed dryer covers
Process equipment manufacturer The Witte Company's vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers feature an optional motorised hoist system that automatically raises the cover. By revealing the entire drying or cooling system interior, the hoist permits safe, fast access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.
Operated by a single button, Witte's motorised hoist system replaces manual, hand-operated winches with a safer, mechanised drive. It enables a single worker to lift and remove the cover of large, heavy fluid bed dryers and coolers.
High load bearing capacity further allows the entire steel conveying section to be raised and removed while attached to the cover. This permit easy access to the drying or cooling pan underneath and allows clear forklift access for deck removal.
Applicable on large vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers or on small capacity dryers and coolers, the Witte motorised hoist system includes two or more electric hoists with davit supports. The motorised hoist system may also be retrofitted on Witte drying and cooling systems in the field. 
Cabinplant's new three-in-one sardine processing machine
Cabinplant has introduced its new prize-winning Robot Trimming and Packing Line, which can select, process and pack foodstuffs in one continuous process.
Canning sardines traditionally requires three stages. Cabinplant's new Robot Trimming and Packing Line combines these three stages into one continuous process, reducing the labour, cost and time required.
Sardines are placed on a conveyor and then passed under a camera that photographs each individual fish. A powerful processor calculates where to cut each individual sardine and calculates the area of the piece that is to go into the can. A cutting edge and vacuum suction remove the
head, tail and entrails, so that only the section for packing remains.
Based on their weight, the sardines will then be sorted by size and matched up so that the desired total weight of the can is achieved, at the same time the sardines are easier to pack and look nicer. Sardines are then canned in their traditional crossways manner, all in one process.
This system eliminates a number of the handling steps required to link the individual processing stations in traditional methods, which also take up extra time and space.
Cabinplant's robot trimming and packing line was granted a patent in the United States, with another patent pending in Europe.
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