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May 5, 2015
Thailand's hog, egg prices climb as production falls amid sizzling temperature (fortnight ended May 1, 2015)
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Farmgate prices of live pigs went up during the last two weeks due to a slight drop in supply. The Thai Office of Agricultural Economics says pigs grow slower in very hot weather like what Thailand has now, leading production to slow down.
Across the country, the average price of live hybrid pigs weighing 100 kg each or more is THB65.47/kg, up from THB64.26/kg in the previous fortnight. By region, the prices are: THB63.34/kg in the North, THB64.78/kg in the northeast, THB64.91/kg in Central Thailand, and THB61.30/kg in the South.
In Bangkok, live pigs are being traded at THB68.50/kg, unchanged from a week ago.
Broiler prices, on the other hand, have softened due to huge inventories while demand remains stagnant.
Prices are expected to remain flat or go down slightly in the next two weeks as inventories remain high.
On the average, the current farmgate price of live birds is THB37.94/kg, down from THB38.16/kg in the previous week.
By region, the prices are THB38.80 in the Northeast, THB35.41/kg in Central Thailand, and THB41.88 in the South. The OAE had not data for Northern Thailand, however.
In Bangkok, the wholesale price of live chicken stands at THB35/kg, according to the Department of Internal Trade. The wholesale price of poultry meat in the capital is THB47.00/kg, unchanged since last week.
Again, due to very hot weather, egg production in the country has declined, causing prices to spike.
Across the country, a tray of 100 eggs now costs THB251 on the average, up from THB238 a week ago. In Bangkok, however, the average price is THB271, an almost 8% drop from last week's price of THB251.
Beef cattle and buffalo
The average price of live beef cattle across the country is THB101.38/kg, down from THB103.05/kg last week.
For buffalo, the average price is THB80.86/kg, a marginal increase from THB80.76/kg last week.

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