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April 26, 2012


Mexican pork producers blame losses on US imports


The Mexican state of Querétaro is losing US$76,370 per week due to US pork imports coming in large volumes and low prices, revealed Alejandro Tinoco Ugalde, president of the state's Association of Pork Producers.


About 70% of local pork products are sent to other Mexican states because there is no room for competition in Querétaro, he affirmed.


"We're selling at competitive prices, but the US sells their [pork] products at very low prices in Mexico and we really can't compete in Queretaro."


According to Tinoco, this causes losses between US$19 and US$25 per hog.


The state pork producers have appealed to their Mexican Ministry of Economy to cease imports since, according to Diario Rotativo, local state authorities have not given enough support to the pork industry.


"The imports are increasing every day more and more," he said "We shouldn't prioritise imports without considering the state of small pork producers."

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