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April 23, 2012


World broiler production rises amidst challenges


Growth in India and Argentina will outweigh downward chicken production trends in Brazil, the US and China, despite challenges faced by broiler producers.


Argentina is revised upward 75,000 tonnes to a record 1.9 million tonnes on stronger domestic and foreign demand, despite termination of government feed subsidies.


Brazil is revised downward 352,000 tonnes to 13.3 million tonnes as a result of higher feed costs and falling demand due to an overvalued currency and sanitary restrictions by trading partners.


The United States is revised lower by 202,000 tonnes to 16.4 million tonnes as relatively higher feed costs will dampen expansion despite rising broiler meat prices.


China is revised downward to 13.7 million tonnes. Greater pork supplies and competitive prices are generating cutbacks in poultry production due to concerns of oversupply and weakening prices.


EU is virtually unchanged at 9.6 million tonnes as higher feed costs and regional economic uncertainty continue to discourage expansion.

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