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April 18, 2012


Irish firm signs deal to bring corn silage system to China



A deal to bring its cutting-edge corn silage system to China has been signed by Samco Agricultural Manufacturing in Limerick.


In a joint venture with DuPont company Pioneer, and its joint venture partner Dunhuang Seed Pioneer Hi-Bred Co, Samco System biodegradable mulching technology will be exclusively offered with leading Pioneer hybrids Xianyu 335 and Xianyu 688 for China's northern corn markets.


The deal was unveiled during the China trade mission led by Simon Coveney, the agriculture minister.


Samco managing director Samuel Shine said: "Farmers have successfully used this equipment paired with top Pioneer hybrids in northern climates around the world for over a decade.


"We are excited to bring this solution to China for the first time through our long-term relationship with Pioneer."


The Samco System machine lays a thin layer of biodegradable plastic film over the soil at the time of sowing which increases soil and air temperature. The machine forms a seed channel under the film creating an ideal microclimate for the seed to germinate and develop.


Pairing Samco technology with high-yielding Pioneer hybrids Xianyu 335 and Xianyu 688, which also offer strong root systems, means farmers may be able to plant up to three weeks earlier each spring. The system may also provide the flexibility to harvest earlier in the autumn.


Pioneer purchased two Samco System mulching machines, with plans to add more machines as demand grows. Samco will supply biodegradable film to demonstrate the new corn silage system to farmers this spring in Hebei, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. The companies will work together with farmers to make the equipment available through purchase or lease beginning in the 2013 growing season.

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