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April 17, 2012


Belarus increases poultry meat and egg production


In the first two months of 2012, Belarus produced 74.1 thousand (live weight) tonnes of poultry, which is 17% higher than productions for last year during the same period.


"The country's poultry meat sector currently represented by 57 agricultural organisations, while egg production by 46 agricultural organisations.


"These are the fastest growing agricultural sectors. In 2011, the poultry meat industry had the highest production figures in its history. It has produced 396.2 thousand live weight tonnes of poultry (27.4% of the total meat production), which surpasses 2010 production by nearly 50,000 tonnes, representing a 14% increase. The volume of production is a record high not only for the poultry industry, but also exceeds, for the first time, the volume of industrial pork production," reported industry representatives.


Exports of poultry meat last year has increased to 75,000 tonnes, which is by 195% more during 2010. The index of return of poultry production in Belarus in 2011 was 14%, which is higher than in the most countries of the former Soviet Union. Belarus has been actively implementing a program of development of the poultry.


By 2015, the government plans to produce 569,000 tonnes of poultry in live weight. The average daily weight gain of broilers in the country by this time should reach 60 grams. Exports of poultry meat are expected to increase to 100,000 tonnes, or by 33% as compared to 2011.


In the egg production sector has also registered increases in main performance indicators. In 2011 the export of eggs was 609 million units, which is 10% more than in 2010. The index of return of egg production was 10.4%.

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