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March 27, 2019


Zinpro launches selenium trace mineral across EU



Zinpro Corporation has announced this month that its selenium performance trace mineral Availa®Se is now available for purchase across the EU following a recent regulatory approval in the EU for all-species use.


"It’s well known in the animal nutrition business how robustly the EC examines products before approval," said Michael Bain, Zinpro Animal Nutrition’s area manager for Europe and South Africa.


"So, we’re very proud to report that Availa-Se not only received approval, but also obtained recognition as a unique molecule, with its own specific registration number – 3b818, making it distinct from any other selenium product in the EU."


Like all Zinpro performance mineral complexes in the EU, "Availa-Se is based on an entirely unique molecule that offers superior nutrition-related performance in the animal," Bain added. "It will be sold as a one-source organic selenium product across all species, including ruminant, swine, poultry, aqua, equine and companion animal, for combination with inorganic sources such as sodium selenite, if desired."


Already available in many parts of the world, Availa-Se will be marketed in a 2000 ppm selenium formulation across Europe. The product utilises similar patented technology as its proven and time-tested Availa-Zn product to improve mineral stability and availability in the animal.


In addition, Availa-Se possesses a unique molecular structure that makes it the world’s first rumen bypass selenium product.


"The selenomethionine in Availa-Se is absorbed and metabolised as methionine in the body," said Christof Rapp, Ph.D., research nutritionist (Europe) of Zinpro Corporation. "Methionine is an essential amino acid to build protein, so selenomethionine is easily and readily absorbed and doesn’t need to be further broken down by digestion. Complexing our zinc to the selenomethionine molecule makes it highly soluble, absorbable, stable and readily available to the animal compared to hydroxy analogue of selenomethionine (SeMHA) and other selenium sources."


Dr. Rapp noted that 100% of the selenium found in Availa-Se is selenomethionine – a much more pure and consistent form of selenium than currently available in selenium yeast products. Also, the zinc chaperone in the Availa-Se molecule offers strong stability in the digestive system.


"Because Availa-Se is readily available once ingested, it allows the animal to build selenium stores in muscle and other tissues," he said. "These stores are utilised to better handle antioxidant needs during stressful times."


The specific benefits from feeding Availa-Se in a well-balanced diet include:

- Greater ability to increase selenium in eggs compared to selenium yeast; 


- Greater ability to store selenium in muscle compared to SeMHA;


- Greater potential to feed less selenium compared to selenium yeast products that contain only 63% or less of the selenium as selenomethionine


Additional benefits from improving selenium status include improved reproduction, less mortality, improved immune system with enhanced health status, longer shelf-life of eggs and meat, and improved egg albumen quality.


"Given its superior benefits, Availa-Se has the capability to provide a positive impact on reproductive performance, growth, and meat quality as well as the shelf-life of the meat produced like no other selenium product in the EU," Dr. Rapp said.


- Zinpro

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