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New Zealand's dairy fortunes slowly turn for the better: New products, more stable future earnings and a long climb back up
&#8226;While weather and pastureland conditions improved, low farmgate milk prices, slumping exports caused an ...
Vietnam pangasius exports up 6.2% in first 3 quarters
Vietnamese pangasius exports in the nine months through September grew 6.2% year-on-year to US$1.2 ...
Philippines mulls hiking tariff on imported pork offal to 35%
The Philippine agriculture department said it is considering imposing a 35% tariff on offal ...
UK takes step to enter China beef market
British beef producers have made a step closer to exporting their products to China, ...
UK pork production in Oct. posts sharpest decline since 2009
Total UK pig-meat production last month totalled 73,500 tonnes, a 5% decrease from the ...
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• Despite unrealistic and contradictory official statistics, even by conservative estimates, feed demand has risen by 14% annually since 2012 and will ...
Myanmar's feed and livestock boom: Murky numbers and limitless prospects
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• Many mycotoxins work by wrecking the cellular structures where protein synthesis occurs
Understanding mycotoxins: Complicated biochemistry, a diversity of causation mechanisms, and a roadmap for improving animal health
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EuroTier 2016
2,629 exhibitors and 163,000 visitors, including 36,000 from outside Germany. Out of this 36,000, more visitors than ever came from North and South America as well as the Middle and Far East. This was the new record set from 2012 by the biennial EuroTier trade fair in its 12th edition, as it returns to the Hanover fairground, held from November 15 to 18.
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