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EU pork exports continued to slow down in August
EU pork exports slowed down for the second consecutive month in August this year, ...
Cargill invests in new premix facility in the Philippines
Cargill is opening a new facility that will manufacture premix feed solutions to expand ...
'Vietnam pangasius exports to benefit from FTA with EAEU'
Vietnamese pangasius exports to Russia and other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union ...
Uzbekistan aquaculture undergoes rapid growth
Aquaculture and inland fisheries production in Uzbekistan had grown rapidly in recent years to ...
New USDA report: TPP to create growth for dairy industry
Continued growth of the US dairy sector is largely contingent on trade, according to ...
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• Despite unrealistic and contradictory official statistics, even by conservative estimates, feed demand has risen by 14% annually since 2012 and will ...
Myanmar's feed and livestock boom: Murky numbers and limitless prospects
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• America's gradual, incrementalist approach to phasing out livestock AGPs takes a large step forward with the banning of antibiotics used in human medicine for AGP use in 2017
Out with antibiotics, in with vaccines: American integrators, government seek to reinvent livestock farming
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VIV TURKEY International Trade for Poultry & Poultry Technologies
The fully-fledged tradeshow for the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS poultry market will be held at Istanbul Expo Center for the eighth time, July 6-8, 2017.
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